Beadjoux - Beads, Classes and Handmade Jewelry
National Instructor Schedule
Below is a list of national instructors we are pleased to welcome to Beadjoux!  Please call 706-658-0007 or email for more information or to have your name added to a class list.

Nancy Cain 
February 3rd-5th

Fusion Ring and Bracelet 
Friday February 3rd

Couture Cuff
Saturday February 4th

Knick Knack Necklace
Sunday February 5th
Betty Stephan
March 17th- 19th

English Garden Necklace 
Friday March 17th

Anastasia Cuff
Saturday March 18th

Friendship Blooms
Sunday March 19th

August 18-20th
Helena Tang Lim

Friday August 18th
Stirrups with Helena Tang Lim

Saturday August 19th
La Manchetta de Versailles with Helena Tang Lim

Sunday August 20th
The Shahbanu's Jewel with Helena Tang Lim

September 8th-10th
Kinga Nichols